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Caution: Sizezilla testimonial below contains male frontal nudity

"I have read the ingredients and tried the ThunderCum Orgasm Pills, and feel this is an effective and safe orgasm enhancement formula for men, I would have no problem recommending these to my patients as a sex enhancer and also to patients who suffer Anorgasmia."

- Dr James Frank

"Wow! These pills work great. I was surprised to see on your website the bit about being asked "Did you cum?" because that is the exact thing my girlfriend almost always asked!

But since I've been taking ThunderLoads cum pills, she never ask anymore... she just says "Wow, that was great!". She's one of the women who loves getting filled up and even cummed on."

- Devon

"ThunderLast pills have actually restored me to fully functional again. I used to shoot my load as soon as I put it in. Man that was screwed up and so damn frustrating. Knowing that it was going to happen I of course was even more anxious beginning sex and after a period of time I even had difficulties getting hard ons. ThunderLast has made it possible for me to last longer in bed plus I now get erections that are harder than ever. I love ThunderLast pills. "


"My boyfriend and I go to this sex party club and are pretty well known there. One of the single girls that we like to have sex with was there one night but said she wasn't really in the mood. I mixed a NymphoSex pill into her drink and said 'Bottoms UP!" Within minutes she was undressed, in bed with us and coming on to us both super strong... she was extra hot that night. Plus her vagina was just incredibly wet (and delicious)."


"Awesome pills. I cannot believe how much its improved the pleasure I get from sex. Usually I would find it very hard to climax. Now I can cum within just a few minutes and orgasm several times each time we have sex."


"I wanted to write to say thank you for sending the Pure Horny Goat Weed out discreetly, and for answering my questions about the product. I wasn't expecting a reply so fast! I love your sex pills and my girl loves her multiple orgasms!!!! We find it hard concentrating on anything except sex when were together- which is exactly what I wanted. "


Caution: The following Sizezilla testimonial contains male frontal nudity

My cock was probably adequate before I began to take SizeZilla. I mean it was nearly 7" hard so that was not a bad thing. And when it was flaccid (soft) it wasn't terribly small either. However at my age (mid sixties) size was not my only concern. I had some issues with getting an erection as well as my sex drive wasn't what it used to be. As well the semen volume I ejaculated when I climaxed was not what it used to be, and I know from years of experience being a single man that almost all women really do want to get a big load. Yes many won't readily say so but if you talk with them about what things really turn them on you get to the truth of the matter.

Anyway I looked at several products and decided that SizeZilla promised the results that I was looking for. Size, as I said, was not really bad but who doesn't want to be bigger? I mean, it's another thing that women do think about. And your SizeZilla apparently would improve the size of my cock, give me better erections, more sex drive and stamina, and the large loads that the women I fool around with want.

I'll tell you that any problem with erections I had are a thing of the past. I like the fact that SizeZilla is something I just take every day with the vitamins I already take so there is no fumbling around or stopping to take a pill when me and a lady start to fool around. So now I'm able to get hard very quickly just as soon as I'm aroused. Oh and the size of my erection is very much bigger than it was before. I know that's something you say about the product is that ones erections are not only harder but bigger however I'm here to tell you that it is really significantly bigger - at this point it is an awesome 8 inches!! The size of my cock even when soft is bigger - it's wider, thicker, and just palin heftier. Actually if I knew the weight of it before I started Sizezilla and the weight of it now I'm sure it would be quite a surprise - much heavier. I've included a couple of pictures (sorry they're only while soft since posing for the camera just does not keep hard.) But you can easily see the additional thickness as well as the length. Now I don't know about you, but I'm impressed!

My sex drive is really about through the roof (I'm glad at my age I have as friends a number of women who enjoy sex as much as I do.) My ejaculation volume is much much improved and while it may not rival a porn star it is really really quite good and the women I fool around with are very happy with what I can now give them.

- David

Max, New Zealand

Jerry, Ireland

Sally S, CO

Ian 22, Dallas

George, Missouri

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